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Item #: SHA-10128x1
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Shaw Area Rug Spot Cleaner gets rid of the toughest household spills and stains safely cleans the toughest stains such as fruit juice, oil, ketchup, wine, coffee, salsa from area rugs and other water-safe fibers, including Sisal. Protects against future oily stains and soiling by penetrating and safeguarding the fibers with R2x repellent. A green product made for the environment. Directions for use: Before applying R2x, test fabric for colorfastness by applying in an inconspicuous area. Apply a small amount of cleaner to a clean, white cloth and gently blot test area. If no color transfers to cloth or no change in original fabric occurs, continue with directions below. Applications/Dilution Rates Pre-Spray: Dilute 1 Part R2X Green 20 Parts Water(1:20). Pre-Spray Diluted solution at 200 sq ft per gallon. Agitation is recommended. Allow 10 minutes dwell (do not allow product to dry). Extract using only clean hot water in a the extractor