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Item #: OSM-11251x1
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OSMO Wash and Care Concentrate Wood Cleaner - 1 Liter


OSMO Wash and Care Concentrate Wood Cleaner for floors is highly effective and water-soluble for quick, easy and thorough floor maintenance, also for large high traffic areas. OSMO Wash and Care Concentrate Cleaner also cleans and freshens the floor at the same time while also being free from solvents, colour and perfume and is biodegradable.


Highly effective and water soluble makes the floors surface more resistant against soiling and water. Simply dilute the OSMO Wash and Care Concentrate Cleaner by following the instructions on the bottle and wipe the floor with a moist cloth or mop. OSMO Wash and Care does not create a film on the surface nor streaking therefore it can be used as often as necessary.