Maintenance Oil Clear For a lasting, hardy brilliance that will stay with your hard wax oiled floors for a lifetime, use DuChâteau’s Maintenance Oil Clear. Periodic application of this all natural product will help rejuvenate the surface coat of your floors to prevent desaturation of those hard-wax oils and keep them looking great and relatively impermeable to foreign contaminants.

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Item #: DUC-00287x1
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Applications: Hard-wax oil finished wood surfaces of any color.

Characteristics: DuChâteau Maintenance Oil is a high- quality product for the maintenance of hard-wax oiled surfaces. DuChateau Maintenance Oil is resistant to wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water according to DIN 68861 1 A. Resistant to saliva and sweat according to DIN 53160. Meets all the demands of children’s toys according to EN 71.

Instructions for Use: The ground surface must be dry and free of dust, dirt and grease. Clean the wood surface with DuChâteau Premium Floor Cleaner and Protectant. Let dry properly. DuChâteau Maintenance Oil is ready to use. Stir well. Apply a thin layer of DuChâteau Maintenance Oil (if excessive Maintenance Oil is applied, it will not cure) evenly along the grain. Allow oil to impregnate for a few minutes. Afterwards, wipe the surface with a white clean cloth to remove excess oil.

Drying Time: Do not touch for the first 12 hours! The optimal hardness is reached after 48 hours. Do not use any water or maintenance products during this period.

Working Temperature: Not below 16 degrees Fahrenheit.

Usage: One can (33.8 fl. oz.) provides approx. 750 sq. ft. of coverage.

Storage: Keep container tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. In case of an already opened package,
a film could appear on the top layer. The film MUST be removed before using the product.