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Item #: BON-00212x1
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Bona 36oz High Gloss Hardwood Floor Polish

Bona High Gloss Polish is an acrylic top coat system designed for 'Polyurethane' finished or most often referred to as 'Pre-Finished' Hardwood Floors. Bona High Gloss Polish adds a protective new layer and fills in microscratches, bringing a durable shine to your floor. Bona 36oz High Gloss Polish will cover roughly 450-550 sq./ft.



  1. Perform a test in a small inconspicuous area that is representative of your whole floor to determine compatability and to ensure you like the newly polished look.
  2. Remove furniture, rugs, etc. Vacuum, sweep or dust mop to get most dust and debris off the floor, then thoroughly clean with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner to ensure the floor is entirely clean.
  3. Once floor is dry, simply rock the polish back and forth in the bottle for 30 seconds to ensure the contents are properly mixed inside.
  4. Attach your Bona Applicator Pad to your Bona Mop and squirt the Bona High Gloss Polish onto the floor and spread the Polish on the floor using your Applicator pad. Work in sections small enough to keep the Applicator Pad wet.
  5. Mop and smooth the Polish by mopping with the grain, then against the grain.
  6. Continue working in sections until the entire floor is finished.
  7. When finished, rinse the Bona Applicator Pad with water. Allow the floor to dry at least 1 hour before walking.

Recommended to apply to entire floor to ensure an even appearance.