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Item #: BON-00183x1
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Bona 32oz Polish Remover


Bona Polish Remover is a product specially designed to remove Bona's Polish. Will not harm your original finish and will only take off top coat systems such as the Bona Polish. Great for situations where the Bona Polish was applied incorrectly. One 32oz Bottle covers approx 200 sq./ft.


Tools You'll Need:

  • Bona Floor Mop, Microfiber Cleaning Pads
  • Bona Scrubbing Pad (Abrasive Scrub Pad) Included w/ Remover
  • Personal Protective Gloves (Dishwashing or similar gloves)
  • Safety Glasses



  • Rock Bona Polish Remover back and forth to mix contents inside bottle
  • Apply Bona Polish Remover to a small section of the floor using the Bona Floor Mop and the Microfiber Cleaning Pad
  • Allow Remover to sit on the floor for 5-10 minutes. Ensure the floor remains wet by following the coverage rate
  • Mop the floor with the Bona Polish Remover and change or rinse the mop cover you're using throughout the process
  • For tough areas, use the Scrub Pad while working with the grain of the floor to loosen any Polish that is stuck on a little harder. (The Scrub Pad should not damage your floor)